Get callerid using perl

Hi there

I’m using asterisk 1.4, and I need to get the callerid and the extension number when the call get answered by a call taker, and after I must to send this information to a server http://192… So, the question is when I try to get the caller id associated to a channel I recevive next "GET VARIABLE (‘callerid’), but it doesn’t return nothing.’

$phone = $AGI->get_full_variable(‘agi_callerid’,[$chan]);

I get this back

GET FULL VARIABLE agi_callerid ARRAY(0x1db09970)

It doesnot return nothing, any idea. Thanks. (I’m using perl).

That version of Asterisk reached end of life six years ago!!

You should be able to enable debugging for AGI to see what is being sent and received.

Also you appear to be using a pre-written class library, but haven’t told us which that is.

I’m using Asteriks::AGI Module in PERL,