AGI return noresponse

Hi There

I’m using asterisk 1.4, and I create a service that runs the next asterisk command when the call is connected:

my $phone = AGI->get_full_variable(’${CALLERID(NUM)}’, [,$chan]);

but this return “noresponse”, and I want read the callerid variable from an specific channel. (I’m using perl)

any idea about how to solve it.


The AGI get variable operation, which I presume is used by your class library, expects a variable name, not an expression. It may well accept a function name and parameters, as well.

$chan has asignned a channel, even if I put manually the channel it return “noresponse”:

my $phone = AGI->get_full_variable(’${CALLERID(NUM)}’, ‘SIP/UNE-000001’);


It would be CALLERID(num), not in the dialplan form.

Hi jcolp, thanks for your reply

I change to my $phone = $AGI->get_full_variable(‘CALLERID(NUM)’, ‘SIP/UNE-0000001a’);

but I still get “noresponse”


I don’t know that library, you’d have to look deeper into it.

I’m using perl

use Asterisk::AGI;
use iTK;

the function get_full_variable is called from a thread created in perl, but the curious is that if I call the function from an agi script from the dialplan returns the callerid of the channel.