Can't retrieve Asterisk channel variable


I am setting up a call file to call automatically and placing it under /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing

The contents of the file are -

Channel: SIP/<10 digit number to be called>@trunk_2
Context: voicemenu-custom-1
Extension: s
MaxRetries: 2
RetryTime: 4
Account: 1
Setvar: _cid=<The same 10 digit number to be called as in the Channel: line above>

I am setting a _cid channel variable as the callerid of the phone that is being called. But when the number is called and the call flow goes into voicemenu-custom-1 and then eventually into the AGI script, I don’t see this “_cid” channel variable!

Is there something extra I need to do in order to see this?

Or, is there an alternate way of getting the callerid that was called from the AGI? The “agi_dnid” is not set by the call file mechanism. Otherwise I could have used that.


Changing “_cid” to some other name fixed the problem. What’s wrong with name “_cid”?