Get Asterisk to make outbound calls without using Extensions

I have an idea that I want to try and build.

I have a voicemail or a voice recording that I want to play outbound wise.

For example, Every 30 minutes or whenever specified, a cronjob would execute asterisk and make it call a number and play a recording and then hang up.

How could I build something like this?

Thank you,

utilizing the manager interface, cron, and a scripting language tied to a database, this could be done quite easily.

most of the work is going to be in scripting the system to pull whatever info you need from the database…then you connect to the manager interface (or use a call file, but i hate those) and initate the call, sending it to an internal context or extension you have created that does the playback.

i think a couple of other users have done something similar, or at least they’ve asked simiar questions.

I can code the script lang and do a lot of that kind of stuff - it’s easy.

The only thing I don’t get is how to get Asterisk to make an outbound call.

Anyone have an example script using BroadVoice as the VOIP partner?


the wiki !! … o-dial+out … +Originate