Autoatic uotbound calls

Hi, I’d like to set up a system that can automatically make outbound calls and send a pre-recorded voice message to the person how answer the call. It is possible to do that with asterisk?

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Sure it is, you can use the * manager interface or you can put a call file in the * spool directory to originate the call.


Marco Bruni … o-dial+out may have useful info…


I have a similar question for this problem.

I read that for a pre-recorded message. It is possible to make outbound calls using the manager interface mentioned above.

But now in my case the voice files have to be generated on the fly. Is it possible to do so? How can it be done?

Also, for the voice file, what is the format supported?

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sure you can. You can use an AGI or dialplan logic to assemble voice clips and play them in order. You can also use something like Festival/Cepstral/whatever to do text-to-speech generation. If you use audio files just about any format is supported- gsm, ulaw, wav, and even mp3 if you have the addons package installed. If you use g.729 you can encode the audio prompts as g.729 to lower processing power while the call is in progress (as it doesnt have to encode every prompt on the fly)