Generate Call between to peers and identify the origin of call

Hi all,

I have one important question.

I need one functionality, I need to generate one call between 3 participant and join this 3 participants in one conference. In this moment I use the command Originate to generate calls between this participants and join this participants in one conference, but now my client make me a suggestion to identify the origin of call.

The command originate don’t allow you to know what is the origin of call.

Exist other command that allow you know what is the origin of call ?

Do you have other idea for establish this 3 calls and join this in conference ?

It’s possible to do this in a script ?

Thanks for your attention.


You can specify the caller ID when you originate your call.

I believe this also works in a callfile if you are using them to originate.

Hi john,

Thanks for your answer

I use this command in Asterisk CLI but I don’t have success in have the callerID in SIP packet.
channel originate SIP/10001@Asterisk-Agora extension 10002@default

You can say me more detail about the usage what you purpose.

Thanks for your help.


One would normally be expected to use AMI or call files, not CLI.

Hi David,

I try these two ways one from CLI and another from AMI

org.asteriskjava.manager.action.OriginateAction[action=‘Originate’,application=‘null’,callerid=‘10001’,data=‘null’,actioncompleteeventclass=‘class org.asteriskjava.manager.event.OriginateResponseEvent’,async=‘null’,callingpres=‘null’,variables=‘null’,actionid=‘null’,codecs=‘null’,priority=‘1’,context=‘default’,exten=‘10002’,account=‘null’,channel=‘Local/10001’,timeout=‘null’,systemHashcode=32658038]

I’m using the asterisk-java-1.0.0.jar.

I don’t know who use the call files.

You can send me more details about this usage ?

I see this packet in Wireshark

action: Originate
actionid: 21005416_304#
callerid: 10001
priority: 1
context: default
exten: 10002
channel: Local/10001

Response: Error
ActionID: 21005416_304#
Message: Originate failed

Event: Newchannel
Privilege: call,all
Channel: Local/10001@default-0000000f;1
ChannelState: 0
ChannelStateDesc: Down
Exten: 10001
Context: default
Uniqueid: 1506605951.70

What do the logs give as the reason for the failure.

Note that, personally, I would not give only a partial local channel address; I would make the context explicit.

Well i just understand the problem.

I don’t know very well all commands of asterisk, but I need the next behavior,

Receive one call in Asterisk and enter this call in one conference and send the same call to one trunk.

The command Dial don’t allow to send the call to one trunk and join this channel in one conference, right ?

What is the best way to do this ?

Thanks for your help one more time

Originate, with valid parameters.

The Dial command does allow you to redirect the called party to a specific point in your dialplan

Look at the G option.

G - If the call is answered, transfer the calling party to the specified priority and the called party to the specified priority plus one.