Can this be done with Asterisk AMI or Cli or I need extra?

Hi, all:

I am trying to get a phone app to trigger a call back the the calling number and to bill the person accordingly.

I am currently using one manager “test” for all users. The app will access the server through HTTP, access to AMI, login as “test” and originate a call.

However, through this way, they system can’t tell who is calling thus don’t know who to charge. The originate command seems can’t specify to that level of detail.I looked at other Asterisk cli and AMI command, but no one seems to be able to fit my need. Any suggestion?

P.S. the billing is being taken care by a2billing. As far as system has a way to tell who is calling, I can try figure a way to pass it to a2billing to charge the user~


Originate lets you set variables , this is what we use to match the users and the originated calls


let’s say I have a sip peer called 201, and I have a sip peer called 202, I have working context from-internal.

I set the channel: SIP/201 and exten: 202. but when 202 get the call, it says receive a call from unknown, but not 201. the system also doesn’t recognize 201 somehow.