Asterisk Manager cmd ORIGINATE help wanted


Im having difficulties with ORIGINATE’d calls. The call itself will go without a problem, but the CDR that is generated for that call is not complete;

I’ve managed to fill in the clid and src fields, but the dst fields is giving me headaches.

As you can see I must do an additional Set command to fill in the clid and src fields:

Action: Originate
Context: acontext
Priority: 1
Channel: SIP/1000
Exten: 2000
Callerid: 1000
Application: set
Data: CALLERID(name)=“1000” <1000>|CALLERID(number)=1000
Timeout: 30000

However, in the CDR the dst field is empty but should be 2000, because that is the extension Im trying to reach (with extension 1000).

Anyone has any ideas?


I might be mistaken (but don’t have time to take a look at the documentation right now) but I thought the originate command treated the channel as the destination and the extension as the source that the destination is connected to. This may be your problem.

What you might want to try is to set your destination channel to something like:


where the number to call is the fully qualified number and the from-internal is what ever context you want to call to go through where the call would normally originate from. This way - if you have any accounting setup or other features - they will all run through as a normal call. (this can be very handy on AAH given all the routing tables and everything that you can setup).

hope this helps,


Local channels ey? :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, Ill get me some information about local channels because it doesnt look ultra simple.