General knowledge :: Might be Stupid to ask

Hi -

I am few really really basic questions about Asterisk… and most of this sounds possible. I just want to confirm that all i am thinking is possible using Asterisk.

So, my requirements are as follows.

  • have about 3 - 5 users making calls simultaneously.
  • No incoming required, only outgoing.
  • Have my phone number appear as the outgoing number.
  • I am able to record all the calls and listen to live calls if needed.
  • Operators or so called users may be in different locations (no as same LAN as the server)
  • I load in minutes using a SIP or minutes provider?

Is all of this possible using Asterisk?


Depends on your ITSP.

Depends on your ITSP. You should be required to prove that you control any number used, in advance.

Asterisk has no explicit support for this. It depends on how your ITSP provides this function.