g729 sound digium

I have now purchased numerous licenses for g729 from Digium because
i believed that it would give me better bandwidth utilization. My asterisk
allows g729 as first preferred codec and calls gets accepted at terminating end
with g729 no problem. However, since i
changed the codec to g729 the sound quality had gone really down. it seems
as though we are speaking from a very long distance. There is no echo or
much lag but the voice is very low and eventhough it is clear its hard to
hear (like listening from around 10 meters to a CD player with volumn
really low).
Its just one user at the moment in my ADSL.
any ideas or workarounds for this issue?

It’s an aquired experience, you won’t notice after a while. Some liken it to speaking with a piece of cloth over the mouth piece. You lose the high frequency. iLBC sounds much better if you have that choice. But no, there’s nothing you can do about it.