Terrible quality with g729

In interest of improving voice quality, I paid for and installed the paid g729 codec. My sipphone and provider both support g792, but the reception of my outgoing audio with g729 is terrible.
Running Asterisk 1.82.
Help appreciated

This forum is for the open source code. You probably need to go direct to Digium.

What codec were you using before? G.729 is used to reduce bandwidth, relative to G.711 or even GSM, not primarily to increase quality. If you are getting quality problems with G.711, it is possible that you are losing packets or receiving them too late. Unless this is purely the result of VoIP throughput, using a more complex codec may well make the problem worse.

On a reliable connection, G.711 is likely to give the best quality, and on a connection with any PSTN component, it will set the quality limit, as the PSTN uses G.711.

Thanks. I’ll try g711