Codecs problem

hi all…
i got network consists of telephone—>quintum—>Asterisk server—>Soft Switch… i configured my quintum to generate 2 codecs (G729 & G711)… when i configure my asterisk to receive G711 and send G711 it works good and i can make a call with perfect quality but when i configure it to receive/send G729 it does not work at all… sometimes it works, i hear the called party but i cant be heared…


To get g.729 to work on your asterisk box you need to buy lisences from Digium. They cost you $ 10,- per channel.

so do u know from where can i buy G723 and G729???

i found G729 at Diguim but G731 is not there

You can get the G729 codec licenses direct from Digium.

thnx but wt about G723, from where can i buy it???

I have similar codec prob, however, I can only have one user at a time using g723, second user just gets loud metalic sound. So does Asterisk only support one g723 user in pass through mode?, if so, where can I find additional g723 codecs licences?