g729 codecs

I have been using the Asterisk V1.5 and was able to install the g729 codecs without a problem.

I tried to upgrade to Asterisk v2.1. I am able to install the ipp primatives for the g729 codec, but when compiling the g729-float codec, the build errors out all over the place. Something between v1.5 and v2.1 changed significantly (or just enough) to break the ability to install this codec that i need for my VoIP provider.

Note that I am using the l_ipp_ia32_itanium_p_4_1_2.tar primative, and using the l_ipp-sample-speech-coding_p_4.1.008.tgz. I have tried patching the speech coding with g729-rob.diff, (which works with Asterisk v1.5), and a couple of other patches I can find, but still no joy on the v2.1.

Any ideas??