g729 codec and any AAH" above v1.5

I have been able to install the Intel primitives (ver 4) and speech coding to get g729 working on AAHv1.5 with no problem.

However, I am trying to install and use AAH version 2.7. I can get that running with no problem. I can also install the l_ipp_ia32_itanium_p_4_1 without issue. The problem then becomes compiling the g729_float codecs from the l_ipp_sample_speech_coding_p_4.1.008 package. No matter what I do or which patch I use (either the ipp_050903.diff or the g729-rob.diff patches), the speech codecs refuse to build.

Does this issue have to do with the compilers that are in AAH versions above 1.5, or does have anyone have the g729.so codec that they could send me? I do have the non-commercial license to allow for pass through which is all i need, just need the darn codec so i can use my VoIP provider (MyFone) here in Australia.

Thanks in advance.