Problem installing G729 codec

Hi All,

This is not the first time i did this install… but on asterisk 1.2. I just installed Asterisk 1.4.6 as our back-up server. I am adding 10 channels of G729 codecs. I downloaded all the files needed and move them to the directories as per instructions. I download i686 and i386 versions of the codec. Tried both and have problems.

When registering, i don’t get any error messages. It allows me to register completely and giving me a registration successful message. However, when checking from asterisk, the codecs are not available. I have restarted asterisk and even rebooted the server to no joy. I don’t have in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules in case someone ask.

Have anyone experience this problem before.


The codec SHOULD be in this directory… also it is “”.

Thanks for that… yes… i have that file there and no I don’t have the there. Asterisk will not recognise the codec if you have both in the directory.

What if you load the codec from the Asterisk CLI?

The codec is already loaded there… I can see that its there but show translation or show g729 doesnt show anything


Then do

Post the output that it says. Make sure warning, notice, and error are turned on for the console via logger.conf.

Get 1.4 codec on Didium ftp server.
Had the same problem sorted after I got new software for 1.4

Hope it helps.

…seems to be a common problem. I am using Asterisk 1.4.8 and have exactly the same problem after loading 10 licences of g729. :frowning:

On “module load”, I get error messages, i.e.
WARNING[1294]: loader.c:360 load_dynamic_module: Error loading module ‘’: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Any suggestions to cure this problem?