G729 and re install Asterisk

Hi all!

At this moment, I have Asterisk working fine on Ubuntu 8.04 Server. I have 3 G729 licenses and everything is working fine.

What I want is: Re-install Asterisk in the same Hardware PC but using Debian, so ¿what do I have to do for keep my G729 licenses?

Do I have to communicate with Digium if I will use the same hardware but different S.O?

Thanks in advance!

From what I remember you can register the same key up to two times. You can copy over the module and put it on the new install but I am not sure if it will work if you are using a different OS. Worst comes to worst you can call Digium and explain what you did and that you need to install it again.

I did nothing yet, but I want to.

I’m looking for support mail or something.

Why not just call them ?