g729 registration

Hi everybody!

I want to appologize if my question is really stupid one.

But when I do ./register to register recently purchased 3 g729 licenses
the utility fails with “Could not get categories from Digium” message.

Looks like the problem has something to do with SSL/Linux.
I’m must confess I’m very new to Linux and have no idea where to dig.

I have contacted Digium support several days ago
but still have no reply :frowning:

I’m using Asterisk-1.4 on Linux Debian 2.6.18-5-686.

Many thanks for any info!

I have had the same problem and message. Following helped me:

I have debian. Inside file /etc/hosts I have removed (you can uncomment) the line which contains “register.digium.com”. Probably you have registered something on the same server before and the IP address of registration server has changed after that.

Hope that helps.