g729a for 1.6.2?

I’m trying to find the download for g729a (Digium) for Asterisk 1.6.2. Currently we are running 1.6.0 with a registered g729a license, but attempting to upgrade to 1.6.2 results in successful compile and install but launch fails when trying to load g729a lib. I searched the ftp site but no sign of a g729a for 1.6.2. Should our current 1.6.0 work with 1.6.2?

Digium kindly confirmed for me that as yet there is no g729a .so for 1.6.2. We went down a grade to for which there is a working version of the g729a .so.

Interesting tidbit. Well now we know not to upgrade to asterisk 1.6 until it is more stable. We have over 1000 g729a licenses!!