G.711 in local network, G.729 on outside network


Our UMTH company only supports G.729.
So we use G.729 codec.

With our softphone we send calls to Asterisk server with G.729. Then Asterisk routes calls to UMTH company withount any changing, with G.729 format.

We want to use G.711 in local, our softphone send calls to Asterisk with G.711.
Then Asterisk server transcodes to G.729 then send to UMTH company.

How can we do that without any hardware?



You will have to pay for this.

Or, download this non-GPLed G729 CoDec source from ITU and modify the source so it can be compiled to generate an asterisk codec module to use on your asterisk. :mrgreen:

For the second option, you need to pay the patent royalties, if you are using the codec other than for codec research/evaluation purposes. The original question suggests to me that the royalty is payable in this case.

Note there is also a version that claims to be GPLed, but the licence is invalid.