Transcoding on Asterisk

Hello All,
I am a newbie trying to get asterisk to work. I have a LinkSys PAP2 adapter which is in built with g711u,a g726-16,24,32,40 g723 and g729 codecs.

Unfortunately, all my peers have only a soft phone which support g711u/a , gsm, ilibc, and speex codecs. So the only option for me is to use g711u/a which is not very good when we are running conference calls (too much bandwidth usage).

I want to use gsm at the softphones and g729 or g723 at LinkSys PAP2 while
asterisk does the transcoding for me.

How do I transcode on the fly?? I searched wiki pages but could not find any help on this.


Asterisk does the transcoding without you having to do anything special. What problem are you getting? Does it say it cannot transcode?

If you want to use g729 with asterisk (i.e., asterisk transcodes to or from g729) then you have to buy a license from digium because of royalties on the codec itself. But if you use g711 it should work fine.