G729: Are Licenses Needed for * AND Softphone, or just *?

Appologies for the n00b question, but I didn’t find the answer on search and it’s just a Yes/No question… :wink:

Anyway, I’m trying to set up a system with G729, which my soft phone (X-Lite) doesn’t support on Linux. As I understand it, if Asterisk has the G729 codec then it can take the call from xlite and convert it to G729 to pass through to our VSP. Is this right?

I’m also wondering what codec would be best to talk between softphone and Asterisk. It’s all on the same LAN, so quality would be 1’st priority while bandwidth wouldn’t matter. From what I’ve read so far ulaw sounds like the go.

u can use asteriskguru.com/idefisk/

Thanks for the reply.

I’m not actually looking for another softphone.

I’m just trying to figure out if there’s a way of calling from a softphone without g729 (say using g711) and have asterisk call out using g729.

I’ve already bought g729 licences for asterisk and would really rather not have to rebuy them for every softphone we run!

Is there a way? I could have sworn that I’d read that asterisk transcoded between the codecs automatically, yet if I call into the system using any codec bar g729 it just gives me an “All circuits are busy”.

Asterisk will transcode, but only if the settings in sip/iax/h323.conf and for the peer/user/trunk allow the use of the codec.

my preference is to use alaw on my LAN and g729 for all calls over the 'net … never had a problem with transcoding yet.