FXO/FXS Hardwares

I’m just new to Asterisk, I want to setup a VOIP using Asterisk here at our office just a maximum of 12 - 24 analog phone line. I have 3 PSTN incomming and outgoing line. Can anyone tell me what i need for me to make Asterisk work? please…(feature I integration with ivr, ip phone, voicemail )

What are the System Requirements? Hardwares (PCI card, etc…)

You will find all the information you need on the internet. I would suggest you start with:


Asterisk is free software, but it takes some work to learn how to use it. The forum members can’t do the work for you, you will need to do it yourself. In other case, hire an Asterisk consultant.

For a 24 seat PBX with analog PSTN lines as a path to the public telephony network, I would suggest:

  • a decent server (Asterisk has a very low resource consumption, so you can run it on almost any modern box)
  • use IP Phones for local extensions
  • use FXO to VoIP gateways for connecting your PSTN lines to Asterisk
  • consider using a VoIP provider for your access to public telephony network