FXO + DID Cards?

Hi, I’m thinking about implementing Asterisk for my home office, and I would prefer to use DID over POTS lines if possible. It is my understanding (which may be entirely incorrect) that most PCI FXO cards don’t support DID. In fact, one of the only VoIP-capable solutions I’ve seen that explicitly support this are the Cisco VIC-2DID modules.

At a physical signaling level, this feature requires that the FXO device be able to perform an LBR wink on the loop to signal the CO that it’s ready to receive the DTMF signals that indicate which number was dialed (and then, of course, it must be able to decode the DTMF tones).

So is this something that’s too weird to support (I know DID is almost always done over PRI lines, but for a home office that’s impractical on a recurring cost basis), or is it so common that nobody bothers mentioning it? Has anybody out there done this with Asterisk? If nothing else, can I choke install a Cisco router with VIC-2DID modules and interface those modules with Asterisk?

BTW, if anybody is wondering, the answer is no, you cannot make outbound calls on an analog DID line.

I did this with are paging system. I used an Adtran 750 channell bank and converted the DID lines to T1 then into asterisk.