Using asterisk as a relay ( like the SPA-3000 )


We are using asterisk for our voip network at the company i work with

What i would like to do is:

  • When someone dials a certian number externally they get somethign where they can dial out from asterisk and the call goes out asterisk

The scenario is

We have a deal with our mobile provider that all calls to our incoming lines are free, And we need to call international quite frequently too clients after hours, and from a mobile its very expensive.

So from our mobiles we want to be able to Dial one of our external numbers, asterisk picks that up then gives us a “Please dial the number you wish to call then press pound” or something then asterisk dials the number and we have a free call to our asterisk box so we are being billed at our buisiness voip rates for the international call.

To try and simplify it

  1. I call 8966 xxxx from my mobile,
  2. Asterisk picks up and says something like “Please enter the number you wish to dial”
  3. Asterisk then connects the call

Any help is greatly appreciated


yes this is called disa:

in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf:
exten => s,1,Authenticate(1234)
exten => s,n,DISA(no-password|internal)

this will ask them to authenticate the password (1234)
it then will transfer them into the context 'internal’
from thier it is like they are on a phone in the company.

hope this helps!

ps…you should check out doc-n-talk. You can hook up a cell phone to it and it hooks into your asterisk. Then you can call into it for free (instead of having that deal with your service provider) and you can call out to your cell phones for free.

Thanks mate, Got it working, Cant beleive it was so simple!