Fresh install: Configuration files

As you know…everytime you install asterisk and run the command: make samples
It will create samples configuration file inside: /etc/asterisk

Now, to begin configure the dialplans, phone extensions, etc…
This files are full of sample data, so…

In can I want to create my own extensions.conf or sip.conf
what are the basic parameters and context I should add?

For example… extensions.conf have



The point is that I want start form scrach my configuration files… I don’t want to begin delete commens line-by-line in the samples configuration…

Please do not use discussion forums for support questions.

I haven’t checked this out live, but it is roughly.



exten _X.,1,Dial(sip/ip-of-peer)

I’m not sure if you actually need the empty general sections and I’m not sure if you need to provide a globals section, if it is empty.

The real answer is you need to read the documentation and understand what the options do and then use them in accordance with your specific requirements.