FreePBX throws error on version reported by Certified Asterisk

Does Certified Asterisk 11.6-cert15 directly correlate to a non-certified version number? Or is it more complicated then that?

I am wanting to use Certified Asterisk but FreePBX12 throws an error, saying it doesn’t know what the version number is when I try to use the Certified Asterisk build.
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Not entirely.

It began life as a branch of 11.6. During the lifetime of the 15 releases, beginning with cert1, it got bug fixes pertinent to some of Digium’s commercial customers.


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Is there an easy way to change what Asterisk reports as the version number? Even if it’s before installing. I’m assuming it can’t be too bad since every branch has its own version number or at least what is reported as the version.

Create a file called “.version” in the source tree and populate it before building Asterisk.

Ah ha! Thank you so much for the hep!