FreeBSD 6 for use with FXO cards?


The different Linux distros I checked (Gentoo, Fedora, Debian, etc.) all come in the form of multiple CDs, so I’d like to use this opportunity to just download a single CD of FreeBSD 6, and learn both how to set up FreeBSD and build a small-scale Asterisk PBX with just a couple of cheap FXO cards and IP phones bought through eBay.

From your experience, do you think using FreeBSD with Asterisk is not that good idea, either because Asterisk on FreeBSD is lagging behing, or drivers for telephony cards are an issue?

If yes, what Linux distro would you recommend to build a PBX with Asterisk?

Thank you

asterisk runs fine on freebsd (i use it all the time), the problem comes in that the hardware drivers in ports arent really as advanced as whats currently available for linux (zaptel is a beast to moved between platforms)

that being said it should work ok under FBSD…

personally I would grab a gentoo livecd, bootstrap the system with that (its 1 cd and doesnt take too long) then install asterisk and zaptel on it.

OK, I’ll go for Linux for the time being then. Next, find some FXO cards and IP phones. I think I’ll get some USB ones for my test setup, though.


watch the USB stuff you by thru ebay, alot of it is for skype only…

if you want a good FXO/FXS type thing to play with get a SPA3000 from sipura it has 1 fxo and 1 fxs port so you can have calls come in and go out or find you a cheap tdm400 with a couple of FXOs and FXSs

OK. No way to have those use SIP instead of Skype’s proprietary protocol?

The TDM400 are a bit expensive just for learning purposes. How do I use the SPA3000 instead of an FXO card? Connecting the POTS cable to its FXO plug, and connect the FXS plug to Asterisk via… ?

the SPA3000 is an ATA with 1 FXO adn 1 FXS and talks to Asterisk via SIP…

OK, so I connect the SPA to the POTS line and the LAN switch, and have the SPA talk with Asterisk in SIP on the LAN. Does the SPA3000 provide better performance than a generic FXO card as seen on eBay?