Free independent webphone

Hello all.
I’m not sure if it’s the right place to ask, so excuse me if I’m mistaken.

I’d like to setup a webphone on the website. Not just ‘click-to-call’ button, but a real phone, which is able to make and receive calls.
It must be free and It’s also very desirable for it not to depend on any 3rd party website/webservice, so I don’t want it to connect to any websites with ‘running engine’.

It’s our website and our Asterisk PBX.

What I’ve found:
Anweo - … sk±+HowTo - free, but requires an account, so it depends on their service.

Doddle - free, works in our corporate LAN, makes and receives calls, but also connects to their website and doesnt’t work without it.

Browser Phone by Mizutech - is not free

Java Web Phone - it seemes to be dead, the documentation section is empty.

Next - - the domain is unpaid, website is down, and I googled that it depends on their service, requires an account and they put their ads.

Telesis WebPhone - depends on their services and servers.

Empty documentation sections is par for the course for Source Forge and similar.

I would suggest that a Java implementation is the only one that would be consistent with the hobbyist developed software that you would need if you deny the developer a business model. It is probably the only way you would get sufficient functionality onto reasonably protected client machines.

david55, many thanks for the reply.
Can you say anything about red5phone ?
But their quite empty and (imho) not well-organised documentation also scares me.

In fact, I think that nowadays web-phones are still not a good realisation of using IP-telephony.

Take a look on

I’m using JIAX, a java-based IAX client. It works well and is free. Just requires an Asterisk box to talk to.