Develop webphone

Hi all guys,

i would like to create a webphone for asterisk i need to integrate it into my CRM(i don’t want to buy shareware i want to create it on my own), but i have some question:

there are any existing library(js for example) for connect and create function?

thanks in advice

Not sure if you are looking for some WebRTC based webphones but here are some links for you to explore

–Satish Barot

Thanks for reply i see this site but i don’t want to buy i need to create it

Where do they ask you to buy?. They are ope source and you can download those libraries and use it in your application.

Mizutech has a webphone specially targeted for CRM’s. It works fine with Asterisk and it can be used both as a turn-key solution or as a library to develop your own web client.


i try to use the library as mizutech say:

JavaScript SIP library: an easy to use SIP JS API to implement your custom VoIP solution

but when i use that library after some time a popup say me Demo limit bla bla bla

I’m currently working on a MIT-licensed WebRTC softphone. It’s currently in the middle of a major refactor to add video support and additional protocol handling, but already has the most important softphone features like transfer and on-hold. Check out for more info.