User web interface

Hi everyone
I m trying to develop a customizing web interface that allows user to connect (extension) and making calls sending faxes and chating with other users all this based on asterisk server or maybe some other open source solutions ( hylafax or others )
Is that requiring some Php knowledge ?? is it realizable? or should i work on a existing solution ??


Yes . you can write such a portal . ofcourse you need more than just PHP . take a look at webrtc support in asterisk as well It will be exciting for you .

What if you use any number of existing solutions?

my aim is to create such a unified communication systeme all based on asterisk .
The user can log in can send fax from web , assist conference on web , even making calls from wab portal .
I have checked out existing solutions but there re incomplete and they focus on admin side more than user interface ???

You need to develop your customized solution .

thanks omid_mohajerani for the response
BUT from where should i strart, i a m a litle newbie in VOiP ( i do have programmation knowlege thoug)
Do you know any solution that already made and than i can take as reference ,??

I think you need to learn asterisk and its features first . Ofcourse maybe its good to have team to work on it . a team of asterisk expert and developers . But If you want to start yourself you should first know asterisk features and how to configure them . I suggest you to start with asterisk 11

yeah yeah i ve already worked on asterisk either on its configuration files or via a preinstalled distro such as elastix, I just want a point from which to start to implement a unifierd communication systeme based on open source “asterisk” an accessible from the web !!!

If you already used elastix then why you need an input? Or you need a pointer to a development already made to only modify?

You said you want to “develop” a new aGUI but seems you dont have idea how to program in PHP or how to integrate asterisk with web services.

Maybe you need to learn a lot stuff before trying to create a superultramega new fancy GUI!!!

Said that, start with vanilla asterisk using ARA, then integrate with PHP, learn about webrtc and then the tools for faxing like avantfax or FFA.

Good luck.

thanks for the answers
as you said there is no need to re-develop something which already exists
I just want to know how to integrate some of asterisk services such as 'call,messages,faxes,videoconference" and make them accessible via a web portal to each user of the main server, i know it is kinda more complicated as it sounds but i just wanna know know how realizable is that and what it requires ?
and ll be so gratefull if someone correct me or give me some ideas (conceptual) to implement this unified communiction platform


First you need to learn about each solution and then combine with each other . you may find elastxi usefull on this as it is combining asterisk with FreePBX , Hylafax , you can have email ,etc on it . I think its better to start searching about the keywords that you have :smile: