Forwarding old or saved voicemail fails

Heya folks,

Our Asterisk system or the software itself appears to have an issue. We can forward a voicemail only if it is new. Once it is old or saved, we can not go back into the mailbox and forward it to another user. Using the standard 8 to foward a voicemail and then 2 not to prepend with a message. It does not arrive. We were able to find this in the log

Dec 18 13:44:45 NOTICE[6080]: app_voicemail.c:2321 copy_message: Copying message from 234@default to 223@default
Dec 18 13:44:45 WARNING[6080]: app_voicemail.c:1427 copy: Unable to open /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/234/INBOX/msg0000.txt in read-only mode

when in fact. the file is really in

the difference is that Asterisk is trying to move the file from the INBOX when it’s actually in Old