Dialplan help

I am running Asterisk and have recently implemented a couple of VOIP lines from voipstreet.com.

I have set the IAX trunks up and everything is working perfectly however I am finding that the new VOIP lines require 11 digits for outside dialing (i.e. 13035551212).

Is there a way I can implement a dial plan that will automatically add the “1” in front of the 10 digit phone number so that users making local calls will not need to dial the “1” first???

I realize that the one extra digit is not that much but we’ve come across a problem with it. When someone leave a voice mail message for a user, the Caller ID is captured in the voice mail message as a 10 digit number. I have “callback” set in our voice mail system so that users can return phone calls directly from voice mail. Since the number captured in the voice mail message is only 10 digits long and the VOIP lines requires all 11 digits, I’m trying to find a fix for this problem.

Any help/examples will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


yeah do something like this in a [out-local] context

exten => _9NXXXXXX,1,Dial(${OUTBOUNDTRUNK}/1303${EXTEN:1})

Im using 9 for an outside line

or for longdistance

exten => _91XXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial(${OUTBOUNDTRUNK}/${EXTEN:1})

Make sure you take care in making your dial plans so only people who need to make longdistance calls or pay calls can :smile:

sorry, don’t mean to sound to ignorant but where (which .conf) file does the [out-local] go into?



you’ll find that’s his example, and not to be added to your .conf !!

i’m guessing you didn’t install and configure Asterisk but are using a distro that included everything for you ??

No, I am not using “raw” Asterisk. I am currently working with and testing Asterisk@Home 2.8

in that case you can add a prefix to the outbound route in AMP/FreePBX that will do this for you. think it’s called “Dial Pattern”. hovering over the input box titles will show you the way.