Call forwarding to outside number with caller ID

Hello everyone, I’m new to Asterisk and I’m trying to call forward from my sip phone to my cell phone. I want to have my calls from the office forwarded to me after work hours. I was able to use the *72 feature, and the phone calls are forwarded just fine. However, the caller ID is the caller ID of my office phone. Is it possible to get the original caller ID instead? Thanks in advance for the help!

There is no *72 featue in Asterisk. There may be one in one of the Asterisk GUIs, or it might be in your custom dialplan.

Asterisk will pass through caller-ID automatically in the simplest configurations. However, a good network operator should suppress it or mark it as “unscreened”, unless it is one of a limited set of values that they have confirmed represent numbers under your control. (Bad network operators tend to be used by telephone spammers.)

Like David said, this feature needs to be suported by your telephony operator. If it is a VoIP operator, there is a chance that it has support for it. But various VoIP operators have various ways of doing that (some use 302 Moved messages, some Diversion headers and the list just goes on).

But to be totally honest - even if your VoIP provider supports this, I doubt that you Asterisk box (that has a WebGUI for generating the dial plan) will support if. If you would code the Asterisk dialplan by yourself, that would be a different story.