Flyfone (KU1120B)

Hi everyone—

I have a KU1120B USB phone someone gave me–
(otherwise known as a flyfone)

I can’t find out how to make it work on Asterisk –

Does anyone know of a USB driver for one of the softphones for this thing?

I think I should somehow be able to change the IP addresses, usernames, and ports in order to make this thing talk to my SIP server instead of theirs, right??

The regular software for the flyfone has these settings:
(from the registry)

I’ve modified the actual entries in the post to protect the innocent :wink:

“AboutDialogCopyright”=“name of the company”
“AboutDialogTitle”=“About flyfone”
"CustomerSystemURL"=“some URL from their site”
“Q931_TCP_Port”=dword:000006c2 (this is 1730 decimal)
“Gk_RAS_port”=dword:000006ae (this is 1710 decimal)

IMHO that thing is probably talking H323. You are better of spending $10 to purchase a SIP USB phone. There is no reason why it would not work with Asterisk, would require a little work.

yeah, it apparently does speak H323 –

I may yet play with it—

but since it was free, I hate to go and buy a SIP phone as well
Maybe I’m just cheap :wink:

I have three Cisco phones and an ATA-186 now-- I just cannot easily get SIP firmware onto them-- I have CCO login, but man, the details of how to write all the XML needed to make that work…

I use a Cisco 7940 at home and a Cisco 7960 at work. They can be a bugger to convert to SIP, depending on their current SCCP load. What models of Cisco phones doe you have? If they are 79XX I can send you a copy of my configs.

I have a 7940 and a 7910, and a 12vip, in addition to a ATA-186

The flyphone is h323 – guess i have to find a config for making an H323 client on Asterisk… being a newbie, I could use some configs I guess…

I’m considering taking them to work and upgrading by using different images on the CCM 4.0 I use at work
(yes, I’m IPT certified, though out of date- I’m the network administrator
for a school district - we have two Call Managers running 4.0, Unity and CER…