Firmware warning since updating to DPMA 2

After upgrading the res_digium_phone module the firmware packages have moved to a new location. I redownloaded them and they get pushed down to the phones correctly.

However, on every reload of the res_digium_phone module I will see this warning in the log:
WARNING[53541]: res_digium_phone.c:1362 firmware_load_config: Could not load firmware package config file /var/www/html/digium_phones/digium_phones_firmware.conf

The file doesn’t exist. Is this something I have to fix or a leftover from the migration?



It’s a left-over message because of a parameter still specified by the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX for backwards-compatibility sake. You can ignore it.


Ok, thats all I wanted to know. Thanks Malcolm!

No prob :smile: