Find extensions in the queue

after searching a lot, does someone have any idea how to know the status of the extensions in one queue.
Find if all agents are in call ?
Thanks a lot

Neither callers nor members, in a queue, need to have associated Asterisk extensions. Do you mean the dialstrings associated with the members, the caller ID’s associated with the callers, or the channel names associated with the callers, or something else?

The CLI “queue show” command (I think there is an equivalent AMI one) will give you the member dialstrings and caller channel names. If you want the caller IDs, I think you will need to read them from each channel, separately, although with some naming conventions for devices, you may be able to deduce it from the channel name for directly connected devices.

I mean the member in the queue, the agents status for example
CLI> queue show support
I get 2 items members and callers
Members=> list of all agents into the queue support with their state (Not in use or ringing, or unvalaible)

So I need to get those members details

is it possible

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