Call Queue Member , non caller id in Asterisk 1.8

I am trying to develop a way to monitor incoming calls in the call queue with Asterisk 1.8.
The command Asterisk CLI: “core show channels verbose” displays all calls in progress with all the details for Queue application .
But for the application AppQueue , ie when the call is ringing at an agent or all agents, the caller id column is empty.

Have you any idea how can I activate it ? or is there another way to display the caller id in this case?

This is an example :

*CLI> core show channels verbose
Channel Context Extension Prio State Application Data CallerID Duration Accountcode PeerAccount BridgedTo
SIP/2006-000007c7 default 3002 1 Ringing AppQueue (Outgoing Line) 00:00:03 (None)
SIP/1000-000007c6 default 3002 1 Ring Queue STD 1000 00:00:03 (None)
2 active channels
1 active call