Feature.conf multiple application


I’m trying to play sounds on both channel during a bridged call whena user type a sequence of touche
But with the feature.conf i can only launch one application at a time.

other example:
no way to do Playback(dialednumber) then SayDigits(${EXTEN}) after doing a sequence during a bridgedd call.
(I have a short memory :p)

Is it possible during a bridged call to use the dialplan to launch application? Dial() seem to block the diaplan for the call until the release.

Thanks for reply and sorry for my english :wink:

i recall seeing an example somewhere that dumps (redirects !) the call participants into a meetme, then creates a local channel to join that meetme and play a sound file. might be a way forward ?

Create a meetme conf just to play “you have dialed 0123456789” after pressing #1234#.
I find it a little too much.