3-way Calling with ConfBrdige

I am trying to create a dialplan along with features.conf to initiate a 3-way call. The idea is, when an incoming call comes in, they are placed into a queue. A queue member picks up the phone. They caller then tells the queue member what number they would like to join the call. The queue member dials *0 and then dials the number of the person to call. The caller is then placed into a bridge. The called number answers and the queue member dials ** to connect the called number to the bridge. This should also add the queue member to the bridge as well.

I can get the called number and caller to be on the bridge at the same time, but the queue member always hangs up. Would someone happen to have accomplished this before and can point me in the right direction?

Here is my features.conf:
start_nway => *0,self,GoSub,“start-nway,s,1”
inv_nway => **,self,GoSub,“inv-nway,s,1”

Here is my extensions.conf:
exten => s,1,ChannelRedirect(${BRIDGEPEER},conference-nway,6666,1)
same => n,Set(_DYNAMIC_FEATURES=inv_nway)
; same => n,Originate(Local/1001@dynamic-nway-dest/n,app,ConfBridge,6666)
same => n,Dial(Local/1001@dynamic-nway-dest,g)
same => n,Set(_DYNAMIC_FEATURES=)
same => n,ConfBridge(6666)
same => n,Hangup()

exten => _XXXX,1,Answer()
same => n,ConfBridge(6666)
same => n,Hangup()

exten => s,1,Originate(Local/1001@dynamic-nway-des,app,ConfBridge,6666)

exten => _XXXX,1,Ringing()
same => n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN})

Someone else asked a similar question recently. I pointed out that ChannelRedirect is hardly consistent with the restriction on flow of control for features. I think that thread had other reasons why this wouldn’t work.

I’m not sufficiently familiar with ARI to be sure whether this would be easy with that, so I’d think in terms of AMI, which has a double channel redirect, which would allow an existing bridge to be broken without losing either side.

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