Feature code to play a sound file on a connected call


I’m trying to get a feature code to play a wav file on an outgoing call. We have a call center and I would like the sales people to be able to record a custom message which they can play back if the caller doesn’t answer and the call goes to voicemail. I have the recording/saving of their marketing sound files complete and working but am having problems getting the in-call recording to play back with a feature code (444).

Initial testing shows that the in-call dtmf is not getting picked up by asterisk and while on the call hitting 444 does not show up in the logs.

;;;; Dynamic feature for Sales in-call message test
exten => 444,1,Set(SEXT1=${BRIDGEPEER:4:3})
exten => 444,n,Playback(sales/${SEXT1})

Anyone try something like this before?

Thanks for your time

Did you have a look at Custom dynamic features ? There are some examples to get you started.

–Satish Barot

Hey Satish,

Thanks for the info, looks promising. I’ll post back with a working