Dynamic Feature SayDigits dillema

Hi All,

I have some interesting problem that I hope to get some input from the professionals about.


One of my customers requested an in-call feature: CLIP recording that will play a confirmation code upon the end of the recording and store recs with appropriate filename, hence can easily be located later.

I have developed a dialplan marco and tied with with DYNAMIC features. All functionality is working, when in-call, you press *3 one-touch recording starts, press *3 one-touch recording finishes and executes SayDigits (RecordingID) dialplan command which playsback the digits.
it only 1 channel hears these digit playback; whereas both the requirement is that both caller and callee should be able to hear these…

After some digging, I have stumbled across a very clear note in Asterisk docs:
Features are executed on either your channel or opposite channel, defined by self/peer option in ActivateOn parameter of the dynamic feature…
=> <DTMF_sequence>,[/],[,

therefore changing this parameter simply defines which channel will hear the confirmation number SayDigits dialplan command.

I guess I should have read this before starting to write context :smile:)

Could anybody suggest anyway around this limitation?
Or possibly some some ability to send audio from Playback/Saydigits applications to both active audio channels(self and BRIDGEPEER) on a call

Any of comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.