How to play sound at callee side?

Hi all,

I have one query that if I want one audio file to be played to called party then what should I do in asterisk configuration.

I have two users at asterisk i.e 789 and 123.
caller = 789
callee = 123
If 789 user makes call to 123, then I want asterisk should play a sound file to callee when 123 accepts the call.
I got information to use the applicationmap option in features.conf and setup an appliction to do this.
I added these lines in features.conf :
testfeature => *9,callee,Playback,tt-monkeys

and in extensions.conf, i made follwong dialplan :
exten => 123,1,Set(DYNAMIC_FEATURES=testfeature)
exten => 123,2,Dial(SIP/123)

Here, what i m doing is when 789 calls 123 user, 123 starts ringing, then i accept call on 123, after that i press *9,but no success, i didnt hear sound file on callee 123.

Please help, i really need it urgently.
Thanking you,

i think this work for you plz check the Dial amd- Dial()
in Dial cmd u haven option to set play file when calle pick the call

check this
A(x) - Play an announcement to the called party, using ‘x’ as the file


Hi amit,

Thank you so much …
It worked …

Hi tarun,
Can you give as your example.
for me the A(x) don’t work.
Thank you

The thread you replied to is from 2009 and the user you are replying to has not logged in since then.

Can you describe what it is you are attempting to do?

Please show the example … thansk.