[Feasability request] Asterisk add-on solution

I’m currently volunteering some help for a small school in Croatia. They desired VoIP to save money on international phone calls but don’t feel they can afford the systems.

I was thinking of a solution (and please bear with me, I’m not experienced with PBXs beyond theoretics/concepts) where the system of dialing 9 for an outside line is kept, but adding an option that they dial 8 to reach an Asterisk server/PBX for international calls.
To date, is this a feasible system/idea?

I’d do the testing in three phases. First, install Asterisk on a computer with BSD and just get familiar with it.
But then, I’m thinking, about a second stage to use a 56K voice-modem to accept incomming calls from the PBX (so that for a test we could dial the extension it’s pluged into - say 151 - and then test calling through some VoIP system). Finally if it seems to work well and the school is happy with the solution, we’d get the hardware to connect to the PBX.
Is this a wise/feasible plan?

I’m willing to do the learning, but being rather busy I’m just hopeing the Asterisk community can help in validating my initial plans before I start…?

I thank you very much for your initial guidance into the feasability!
Andrew Seguin

ps: even a simple “Yes it’s feasible” would be a nice start, but any extra comments would be warmly accepted! :smile: