Fax Receive

Okay, I am close to completely using my Asterisk@Home install in the house, but I need help with setting up Fax receive. I am running Asterisk@Home .08, I have done the install-pdf and setup the extension of the fax machine as “system” in AMP…but it will not pick up a fax call for nothing. What am I missing?

I have two Broadvoice lines. One setup to go to a menu

exten => 9001,1,Goto(aa_1,s,1)

What could I do to have that receive faxes?

If it makes a difference I have also compiled in NVFaxDetect()


I have gotten this to work via LAN. It works just about everytime. You can call me if you want. 1(507)379-0159.


What are you using to receive the fax? I made it work with spandsp and app_rxfax. Post here your dialplan, so we can help you :wink:


It seems to me that the soft-switch server i down, I can’t wget anything from there?!

Anyone no any mirrors or does someone have the latest files?!

In need of urgent help :frowning: