Fax receiving problem


I am using *@home and having problem with receiving faxes.

In fact, I created an extension for the fax machine in AMP, say 2205. when in AMP I choose 2205 as the extension for incoming calls, by setting “Extension of fax machine for receiving faxes” to “disabled” in the General Settings, I can receive faxes from outside with no problem.

However, when I choose another extension for incoming calls (an IP phone) and I set “Extension of fax machine for receiving faxes” to “2205”, I can no longer receive any fax. Note that in zapata.conf I set “faxdetect=both”.

Does somebody experienced this problem?

Thank you for any pointer,


Isn’t really there somebody who can answer my question or show me some direction to search about it?



It looks that way.

Well, there’s the usual:


and, i suppose, google.