Fax detection from IVR

How would you setup fax detection from the IVR?

I followed the steps and installed the “Fax for Asterisk” from Digium’s website, yet there is no indication on how to enable detection from the IVR…

any help would be greatly appreceated.

“Fax for Asterisk” is a commercial offering from Digium which means you have paid for support, and should use Digium’s paid support channels.

No, Digium offers Fax for Asterisk with a free 1 channel. Yet there is no documentation on how to make fax detection from IVR…

I cannot contact Digium as this free channel does not offer direct support.

When do they tell you that you don’t get support? I didn’t see any caveats in the online README.

If you want to do fax detection, in the dialplan, before launching the commercial application, I don’t think there is any support for detecting fax calling tones, so you would have to do some sort of silence, or ?? voice detection. I’d be suprised if you can access that sort of level of dialplan programming from a GUI.

My guess is that the paid for product is intended for use with dedicated fax extension numbers, and that typical paying users would have DID, so that would not be difficult.

Nevermind… Dawnd on me that in order to detect fax, I needed to make this detection on the inbound routes configuration.

This works like a charm… Just received my fax in both TIFF and PDF format… SWEEEEEET !

For anyone interested in getting this to work, if like me, and had a hard time to find the documentation and howto’s?

Get the write up here…