Fatal: Module dahdi not found


I am running Asterisk 1.4.x, FreePBX and A2billing 3.4 server. After changing the kernel to CentOS 5.3 i386 Plus PAE build to enable the O/S recongize more than 4GB MEM, I receive the following errors:

FATAL: Module dahdi not found.
wct4xxp: FATAL: Module wct4xxp not found. [FAILED]
wcte12xp: FATAL: Module wcte12xp not found. [FAILED]
wct1xxp: FATAL: Module wct1xxp not found. [FAILED]
wcte11xp: FATAL: Module wcte11xp not found. [FAILED]
wctdm24xxp: FATAL: Module wctdm24xxp not found. [FAILED]
wcfxo: FATAL: Module wcfxo not found. [FAILED]
wctdm: FATAL: Module wctdm not found. [FAILED]
wcb4xxp: FATAL: Module wcb4xxp not found. [FAILED]
wctc4xxp: FATAL: Module wctc4xxp not found. [FAILED]
xpp_usb: FATAL: Module xpp_usb not found. [FAILED]

I know these files are still located somewhere on the server, but I am concerned that the system might get messed up if I re-install them. Also, I don’t know the correct DADHI packages to install. Please, does anyone have any idea what I should do? Thanks in advance for your support.


My suggestion would be to reinstall them… Hopefully you have a backup of your system before the kernal upgrade to fall back to…

You should recompile, not just re-install, although it may wel be the case that the modules are binary compatible between the two kernel versions.

Is there a complete DAHDI installation package for CentOS 5.3 plusPAE kernel that I can download and install, and if so, what is the name and where can I find the package.? It appears that DAHDI module downloads are not all located in one place on Asterisk website.

Dahdi needs to match the exact kernel version, not just the parts that you quoted.

Thank you david55 & iceburn2003 for your support. I fixed the problem and what I did was (a) install kernel-PAE-devel-, and (b) re-install dahdi-linux-complete