FAQ for building Asterisk modules

If this is not the right place for this I’ll remove and repost elsewhere right away. At any rate as some of the users/mods here are Digium C devs, I figured someone could at least point me in the right direction.

I’d like to learn how to build Asterisk modules in C, and unfortunately that session was cancelled at Astricon last year (the session I was most looking forward to incidentally). I’ve looked at the source of existing modules but I still don’t have as good an understanding of how to do the registration of the module, how to output to CLI, etc. So I’m wondering if there is some Modules 101 tutorial or some PDF or something somewhere that walks one through the development of a basic module that does some basic operation on a ast_channel.


In 2011 we had some nice AstriCon sessions with Asterisk developer tutorials. Here are some the links to the videos on the TMC site:

Intro to Asterisk Development
tmcnet.com/tmc/videos/defaul … evelopment

Asterisk Developer Tools
tmcnet.com/tmc/videos/defaul … oper+Tools

Asterisk Module API
tmcnet.com/tmc/videos/defaul … Module+API

Asterisk APIs
tmcnet.com/tmc/videos/defaul … 6%2339%3bs

DAHDI Overview
tmcnet.com/tmc/videos/defaul … I+Overview

Additionally, there is some nice developer info on asterisk.org and the wiki:

AWESOME. This is a great start. I can’t wait to dig into these. Thank you so very much.