C App Tut


I’m doing my thesis to do with extending some functionality with asterisk and I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of a a tutorial on build a basic asterisk app written in c or c++. I’ve had a look through the basic example apps that come with asterisk and just getting my head around it all so a tut with a bit of explenation as we go along would do me wonders.

if anyone knows of any please let me know

thansk in advance

Hello. I have the exact same problem:( as u have. Student, my final paper degreee in Telecommunications and being a begginer in Asterisk I can’t find a nice simple tutorial that teaches u from 0 how to make an add-on. If u have found one please give me reply. If u knoe anything else please write me at ciuciuren@yahoo.com. Thanks! All the best!

okay how about any tuts at all php, java, javascript?

what about AGI? maybe it will be enough for your tasks.