Detailed describtion of modules .so


I’m sorry If this seams like a stupid question, but I’ve tried searching the wiki, this forum and google.

I’m trying to find a detailed description of all the different .so files in the modules folder.
I’m building a new Asterisk 11 and wanted to have some information to make an informed desition on with modules to load or not to loa, instead of just blindly follow some guide.

does anyone know where to find this information?

Kind regards,
Jonas Christoffersen

Try running “module show like so” from the console.

Yes I have done that it gives me a headline or an idea of what the module does.

but I’m looking for a long detailed description that could have that text as the headline
and a describtion of what the module could be used for and when it should be used.

I mean who ever wrote the module must have had some idea about why to write it and what to use it for.

I’m still new to Asterisk but with a detailed descriptions of the modules I might also be able to find other uses for it.

Then check the sources files and Open each c file of each module in there you will find the description.